I’m so glad my friend recommended Synergy and Dr. Grozalis. Not only did she relieve my back pain but addressed my neck pain that I had been ignoring for years. The staff is very friendly. Great experience.

– Andrea B.

I come here for a trigger finger problem. I had been to see the most recommended hand surgeon in the area who wanted to do surgery. I came and saw Dr. Grozalis and surgery was not needed. Her use of  ART therapy along with ultrasound and laser therapy did the job!

– Rebecca H.

The chiropractic treatment (A.R.T.) and Graston therapy yielded fabulous results. My shoulder began to feel better immediately and improved with every subsequent session. Also, the range of motion steadily expanded and has now allowed extended movements with little to no pain. This, plus the ultrasound and laser have successfully cured my problem.

– Richard M.

For the past several years, I have had trouble with my lower back. Last March, my Achilles tendon in my left foot developed  tendonitis. I could barely walk. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he put me in a cast for 14 weeks. It worked, but not completely. Then I heard about Dr. Jen. Within two weeks of her treatments, I had very little pain and had a great outlook on a total pain-free ankle.

– Fred Recupido

At my initial consultation with Dr. Jennifer Grozalis, I had several problems. Within the last few years I have had a total of three  reconstructive hip replacement surgeries, three dislocations, and a  torn abductor muscle. My right leg was completely externally rotated.  This caused me to have a very pronounced limp and loss of strength  and flexibility. I also had lower back pain and was taking medication for the pain. I had been advised by two cardiologists to stop taking the medication.

Dr. Jen recommended Active Release Therapy, laser therapy, and sessions on the Pilates Reformer to stretch and strengthen
the core muscles. I was amazed that within two weeks, my leg was completely straight and I was no longer taking the prescribed medication.

The staff at The Total Wellness Centre are all wonderful, caring  people. They seem to enjoy their work and are very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. I am continually amazed at my progress and recommend Dr. Jen and her staff at The Total Wellness Centre to everyone I know. A five star review.

– Jackie Wilson

I wanted to thank everyone at The Total Wellness Centre for making my experience at your office such a pleasure. Every person I have come in contact with here is so caring and helpful! I have had chronic pain for over a year from a car accident. I have been to several chiropractors and physical therapists. When I came here on May 12, 2008 my pain level was sometimes at a 4 to 5. I had never experienced the Active Release Technique before. After my first treatment, the pain level went down to 2 to 3. Now, I am at a 1/2 to 1.I am amazed at the progress I have made in such a short time. Thank you Dr. Jen!

Edye is incredible! I can do anything with her cueing.  Bryna and Anastasia are outstanding with their knowledge of pain relief methods with massage and cranio-sacral therapy.

The combination of Active Release Technique, pilates and massage therapy  is remarkable. I recommend your office o anyone needing pain relief.
-Ellen McMaster

As a college baseball player and someone who is greatly interested in maintaining optimal health, I couldn’t recommend Dr. Grozalis more highly. I had been suffering from a debilitating shoulder injury that  kept me from playing for months, so much so that I had to cease all weight lifting and practice. After just five weeks of working with Dr. Grozalis through her neuromuscular reeducation treatment, my shoulder is stronger and more flexible than it was before the injury. Dr. Grozalis cares deeply about the recovery of each individual patient, and understands the techniques needed to get rid of pain, and restore the health needed to get back on the field.

– Matt Benchener, Johns Hopkins University Baseball Player

I used to have constant lower and upper back pain. Not a day would go by that I wasn’t in pain. I went for physical therapy elsewhere and I  was on pain medication and a pain patch. Since I began coming to The Total Wellness Centre of Yardley, I no  longer need pain medications. Both Dr. Jen and Bryna have helped me so much.

Thanks to the girls at TWC for everything they do for me.

– a Medicare patient with back and neck pain

I am a current patient of Dr. Jen. As a dancer, my body undergoes strenuous work and training. I came to Dr. Jen because I had torn the labrum (cartilage) in my hip. I had talked to a few dancers who also had this injury and many opted for surgery to solve the problem. But I wanted to explore other options.

Since working with Dr. Jen, Edye, and Bryna, I have gained more strength, definition, and I have seen improvement in my flexibility, all of which are vital for dancers. My hip has completely healed through the combination of ART, Pilates, stretching and massage.

I could not thank The Total Wellness Centre enough. I’m in the greatest shape I have ever been in and I am at peak form for my ballet training.

-Danielle Frigerio

I want to take the opportunity to let you know how effective the massage treatment has been for me. Bryna has tailored her treatment to my individual needs from week to week. She is a treasure.


Dr. Jen Grozalis has been sincere and nuturing in assessing and relieving the pain of my injury. My profession as a science teacher requires being on my feet all day; therefore when I continuously had numbness and pain in my right foot for months, I searched for help. After a disappointing visit to a podiatrist, I needed a positive solution where my doctor would listen to my needs and use natural healing techniques. My treatments with Dr. Jen started twice a week and have decreased to once a month. She discussed her plan for treating the entire body rather than one specific area – using active relase techniques, laser therapy, and massage therapy. Dr. Jen and her staff were hospitable and considerate during these treatments to relieve areas of discomfort.

– Loreen Holstein